Emeli Sande

If you want an underdog story then please read on:


Emeli Sande is a Scottish singer who dropped her first album this past winter: Our Version of Events.

It Peaked To #1 In the U.K.

shortly after it was released.

The “UNDER DOG” aspect that fans love about Emeli is that she kept on writing and creating songs after being turned down for three years.

Record Labels told her that she wouldn’t sell and that her best bet was to write music for bigger names who were marketable. (Thank God she didn’t listen)


Her voice is too pure and her music impacts those who hear it.


Just goes to show…. People might doubt you, but as long as you stay true to yourself and your gift….

There’s nothing but positive that can come out of your situation!



Taylor Swift’s 4th Ablum entitled “Red” is a good listen.

You can play it from beginning to end without any interruptions or skipping songs.

The thing I really like about Taylor Swift and the people that work for Taylor is that they do a magnificent job promoting her album. Look at this video with Target.


Taylor Swift has built an empire with her catchy country songs and her innocence as an artist.

Download her album RED

It will not disappoint!

The Hip Hop world is delirious. All they can say is these two words…..


The 25 year old, African American hip hop artist from Compton, California dropped his debut album “Good Kid M.A.A.D. City” 


Growing up in California as an eight year old boy, Lamar witnessed Dr. Dre and TuPac Shakur make the video “California Love”

Hip Hop is Kendrick’s heart and from his recent debut album it is fair to say Hip Hop loves Kendrick Lamar. 

Refreshing rapper, Promising future! 

Download Good Kid M.A.A.D. City!


Two Words

Kyrie Irving. A 20 year old 6 foot 3, 191 pound guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He is known as the “Savior” after the city of Cleveland has been devastated from the move their ex “KING” made to south beach.

No One can compare to LeBron’s physicality or dominance on the court, however Cleveland has found a sensation in Kyrie Irving.


This Rookie has had an amazing start to his NBA career. Watch this video of Kyrie Irving… Starring His Uncle DREW!


LeBron Who?


“Some Nights” is the song that everyone is anticipating to hear on the radio, downloading from iTunes and humming right before they go to bed.

“Some Nights” is the second single from the band, Fun.:  The first single “We Are Young” swept the nation and the cover was performed on the show “Glee” earlier this year.

The World has been raving about this band for the past year!
WE ARE YOUNG was #1 on the Billboard Charts Top 100. They are the 2nd band to have an alternative rock song be #1 since 2008 (Viva La Vida- Coldplay).


Fun’s 2nd single, Some Nights made it to #3 on Billboard’s Top 100 Charts.

This Group is something to look forward to in the near future! Buy their album….

Some Nights by Fun.:


More Than An Icon

LeBron Raymone James is probably the most talked about player in basketball in our world today. Everyone knows him, and every one has their opinion about him. Whether he is amazing or he isn’t good enough; or if he deserves his ring, to if he shouldn’t have left Cleveland. 

People feel compelled to talk about LeBron because in a sense he is defining an era of basketball which we can witness.


This article talks about LeBron being more than a basketball player. He is a great person as well. An important role model, a father figure and an exceptional partner.

He is more than his stats and more than just one ring. He epitomizes what a man should be in our world today. 


The Lumineers

HO HEY! (The phrase that has been on repeat in my head all week)

I dawned on this American folk rock band this past week. The two guys are from Ramsey, New Jersey while the only girl/cellist is from Denver, Colorado. The Lumineers made my week musically mellow, yet diverse. They are fantastic!


I’m not a folk guy, but give this music a try for your daily activities. Whether it is doing your tedious homework, cooking for the kids or even reading.

The Lumineers will not disappoint!
Their group prides themselves on being simple which is refreshing. Most musicians now a days want to be different and need their music to stand out. Which is not a bad thing, but there is something soothing about simple chords, simple versus and a simple melody.

Their goal is to produce music that can resonate with people. They don’t want to be difficult: “If you play an instrument you can definitely play all of our songs” the lead singer Fraites said.