The Lumineers

HO HEY! (The phrase that has been on repeat in my head all week)

I dawned on this American folk rock band this past week. The two guys are from Ramsey, New Jersey while the only girl/cellist is from Denver, Colorado. The Lumineers made my week musically mellow, yet diverse. They are fantastic!

I’m not a folk guy, but give this music a try for your daily activities. Whether it is doing your tedious homework, cooking for the kids or even reading.

The Lumineers will not disappoint!
Their group prides themselves on being simple which is refreshing. Most musicians now a days want to be different and need their music to stand out. Which is not a bad thing, but there is something soothing about simple chords, simple versus and a simple melody.

Their goal is to produce music that can resonate with people. They don’t want to be difficult: “If you play an instrument you can definitely play all of our songs” the lead singer Fraites said.


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