Gary Clark Jr.

He’s the new blues sensation, straight out of Austin, Texas debuting his first album on October 22nd, “Blak and Blu”. Gary Clark Jr. is taking a risk wit his musical career which I love. He’s been praised and commended for his blues sound, mixed with his inherent funk tendencies. However, Clark has decided to share his love in more ways than just “blues” on his debut album.

Some say the first album is the most important, but Clark is approaching his debut album, “Blak and Blu” as a chance to show everyone his weird side!

He attempts to show the world there is more to his life than just blues, funk and soul.

His goal is to connect with people through MUSIC rather than a genre.

He wants to expose himself as an artist and dedicate his first album to the music that helped him to fall in love with music. “Blak and Blu” will be a testament to his nostalgia and his love for music as a whole.

Clark has been buzzin’ around the music industry as well. For a man who sings rock and roll, the R&B/hip hop world is really involved with his work. Clark has worked with prestigious rapper; Nas, multi-platinum artist Alicia Keys and Mr. Hip Hop Himself- Jay Z.


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