Forgiving Chris?

How important are music sales to an artist career? In a time where all albums are leaked onto the internet and people can get music without paying anything. Chris  Brown would say extremely important. After his incident with beating Rihanna, Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. could not be purchased in Wal-Mart and many other stores. He was banned because people did not want to sell his music when he abused a woman. His career has taken a blow for his senseless act that night, but what will happen to his music career. Will people forgive him for beating Rihanna? Will he get back to being a supreme music icon in our generation? He has taken a blow and he has given a few himself, but I wonder if he will ever be forgiven in the eyes of those who judge him. I personally forgive Chris, but I am not naive. I know I will never forget his act that one night and neither will he. However, his music will suffer if he is not forgiven by the public.


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