Brave Frank

Frank Ocean is one of the newest sensations in the R&B industry. He came out with his debut album entitled the channel ORANGE. This album is probably one of the most reflective and heartfelt works of art by any artist that has signed to Def Jam Records. At the same time Ocean released his album, he also confessed a secret about his sexuality. He admitted to being in love with a boy for the past three years. He wrote a letter expressing his need to express that he was in love with a man and he is bisexual. Some have called this a publicity stunt, while others have refused to listen to anymore of his songs because they “Refuse to listen to a gay artist.” I commend Frank Ocean for staying true to himself and his music in a time where people can be ignorant and judgmental. For a 23 year old who has a promising future in the music industry, I support his confession. I don’t condemn nor commend his lifestyle, but his music is powerful and should not be closed off because of his sexual preferences.


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