In the NFL, the referees have been on strike and there has been replacement referees for the past three weeks. These new, lower level referees have been receiving scrutiny and abuse from players and coach’s- which they might deserve.

They are making horrible game time decisions, ruining outcomes of games- the latest one being the Green Bay and Sea Hawks game. This buzz is ruining the league and ultimately the players successes.

Fox received a 30,000 dollar fine from the league for his verbal abuse towards the officials.

It’s clear that the league needs the NFL officials back, so let’s get the league and its officials to reunite and come to a common ground. Don’t Let the Super Bowl arrive and these refs are officiating!

We Need Them Back!


Gary Clark Jr.

He’s the new blues sensation, straight out of Austin, Texas debuting his first album on October 22nd, “Blak and Blu”. Gary Clark Jr. is taking a risk wit his musical career which I love. He’s been praised and commended for his blues sound, mixed with his inherent funk tendencies. However, Clark has decided to share his love in more ways than just “blues” on his debut album.

Some say the first album is the most important, but Clark is approaching his debut album, “Blak and Blu” as a chance to show everyone his weird side!

He attempts to show the world there is more to his life than just blues, funk and soul.

His goal is to connect with people through MUSIC rather than a genre.

He wants to expose himself as an artist and dedicate his first album to the music that helped him to fall in love with music. “Blak and Blu” will be a testament to his nostalgia and his love for music as a whole.

Clark has been buzzin’ around the music industry as well. For a man who sings rock and roll, the R&B/hip hop world is really involved with his work. Clark has worked with prestigious rapper; Nas, multi-platinum artist Alicia Keys and Mr. Hip Hop Himself- Jay Z.

Her New Inspiration?

Alicia Keys performed at the MMVA’s two weeks ago and stole the show with featured artist Nicki Minaj. Keys took the stage with her new hot single, “Girl On Fire” that had all the people, especially women, bobbing their head to this smash single. Keys took two years out of the limelight to focus on her new relationship with producer Swiss Beats and their marriage. Shortly after their marriage, Alicia was pregnant and decided to step back from the music industry for a while. She’s returning with a new album inspired by the new men in her life. Alicia Keys have always loved her music, but lately it has been tainted with love and happiness as the main themes. She can attest her latest works to her love life and people are responding well to Alicia’s new work. Even though Alicia Keys stole Swizz Beats from Singer, Mashonda, the public has dismissed the act of adultery and fallen in love with her new sound, vibe and intensity. It is sweeping the nation and her album has high hopes for being a real treat.

The New Phenomenon?

Every five years you get a phenomenon that sweeps the nation.  It’s revenue over their opening weekend was 155 million and it is one of the biggest franchises of this decade. These movies such as Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings has taken over our generation and have impacted our childhood. I believe the Hunger Games is the movie for the next generation who are looking for heroes to emulate and fall in love with. Katniss is the modern day Harry. Being brave and getting herself into mischief as she tries to shine a glimmer of hope to all the districts. I personally can’t wait for the sequel to come out and I want to hear the box office numbers then.

Forgiving Chris?

How important are music sales to an artist career? In a time where all albums are leaked onto the internet and people can get music without paying anything. Chris  Brown would say extremely important. After his incident with beating Rihanna, Chris Brown’s album F.A.M.E. could not be purchased in Wal-Mart and many other stores. He was banned because people did not want to sell his music when he abused a woman. His career has taken a blow for his senseless act that night, but what will happen to his music career. Will people forgive him for beating Rihanna? Will he get back to being a supreme music icon in our generation? He has taken a blow and he has given a few himself, but I wonder if he will ever be forgiven in the eyes of those who judge him. I personally forgive Chris, but I am not naive. I know I will never forget his act that one night and neither will he. However, his music will suffer if he is not forgiven by the public.

Brave Frank

Frank Ocean is one of the newest sensations in the R&B industry. He came out with his debut album entitled the channel ORANGE. This album is probably one of the most reflective and heartfelt works of art by any artist that has signed to Def Jam Records. At the same time Ocean released his album, he also confessed a secret about his sexuality. He admitted to being in love with a boy for the past three years. He wrote a letter expressing his need to express that he was in love with a man and he is bisexual. Some have called this a publicity stunt, while others have refused to listen to anymore of his songs because they “Refuse to listen to a gay artist.” I commend Frank Ocean for staying true to himself and his music in a time where people can be ignorant and judgmental. For a 23 year old who has a promising future in the music industry, I support his confession. I don’t condemn nor commend his lifestyle, but his music is powerful and should not be closed off because of his sexual preferences.